Douro Alliance is a non-profit association under private law, created under the application to the “Policy for the Cities – POLIS XXI” programme which, as a cooperation structure, aims at creating a common platform for dialogue and sharing between the various development agents concerned with urban growth across the Municipalities of Vila Real, Peso da Régua and Lamego.
Vision and Ambition
The main ambition of this Urban Network is to develop a strategic cooperation between the different urban stakeholders, which enables the transformation of the Urban Axis into the City of Douro, a multifaceted and tri-nucleated city that brings to the fore the brand image and the existing economic potential, capable of promoting the best of each of the three municipalities in a more attractive, efficient and effective way.

Bearing in mind the region’s potential and the international reach of its image and resources, it is intended that, in addition to the City of Douro, the Axis should claim its status as a City of the World.
Over the next two decades, this Network of Cities can and should become a space:
With a strong, shared identity, capable of building and developing a platform for dialogue and cooperation between cities and urban stakeholders, enhancing complementarities and interdependencies, reinforcing its role as a hub and maximising widespread development-inducing effects across other cities and centres of the regional urban system.
Sustainable, capable of creating a high quality of life and urban vibrancy, consistent with the demands of establishing a young and active population with increasing professional qualifications and conditions for the emergence of an urban development model concurrent with the challenges and requirements of the present without compromising the future.
Attractive and competitive
Attractive and competitive, capable of improving its functional integration and competitiveness within the national urban network, achieving a new urban dimension enabling it to attract support services for the productive activity and higher-ranking collective use, valuing the potential and opportunities arising from the new accessibility framework by exploring the complementarity of urban centres and specialisms that this provides.
Creative and innovative
Creative and innovative, capable of developing the potential for innovation and service, by creating new opportunities for investment and the production of new professional qualifications and skills, promoting infrastructure and basic urban services, consistent with the enhancement of tourism in the Douro region, and stimulating cultural and leisure activities from the perspective of urban attractiveness and job creation.